“We think that in the digital transformation process of people and organizations, diversity, multi-ethnicity and community relevance are pillars to a good result. For us in Garritz, those are the values that we cherish. For we are there to bring good results and add value to our communities in every one of our endeavors"

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Welcome to our digital marketing agency! We are very glad you are here.


Please feel free to navigate all around getting to understand what we are doing. We are a full-service digital marketing agency, with strong focus on media buying, comms planning strategyprogrammatic media buying and analytics. Accordingly, as an international boutique online media agency, we offer our clients top shelf media services, based on accountable and innovative first party data strategies, engaging creative services and market research solutions.


Our digital media agency has extensive experience in digital media strategies, SEO, Pay Per Click (PPC) and other relevant digital marketing channels. We build long term relationships with our clients by committing to media efficiency and their business results. Within our online media agency we create innovative strategies to help businesses like yours increase their marketing investments outcomes. As a result, we know how to get your product and digital assets found by the right people, at the right time.


First, we work with our clients to set up a customised digital marketing plan. Our plans are designed to maintain and acquire new customers. Secondly, we monitor campaigns performance and make necessary adjustments as needed in real time. In conclusion, we set up a strategy considering the brand’s and product’s position in the consumer journey strategically allocating budget and tactical efforts.


To provide our strategic, data first services we count on our business partners. A good example is our partner Retargetly for the Latin American market.


We service our clients in all three continents—North America, Latin America and Europe—therefore we’re able to handle campaigns worldwide.


Online Media agency

As an online media agency our work is focused on creating successful and meaningful advertising strategies. For this, we innovate with all imaginable but effective tactics in digital media. Our strategies bring results to our client’s business and brands, because our disruptive thinking and an innovative approach to media benefits from our strong data and analytics skills and experience. We think of media as data, data to bring insights to deliver ROI. We create and nurture business platforms with creative thinking to communicate your brand’s values. Both our services of media planning and comms planning will reinforce your brands presence.

Depending on your product, we plan with the adequate audiences in mind. Our services supports your brands all along the consumer journey: First by providing help to give identity to your products. Secondly by planning your media investments according to your desired business results. Then by measuring the efficiencies delivering the best outcomes possible.

Locations and scope of operations

Because of our strategic locations, we offer our services with strong presence in 4 specific markets. Certainly, if you are looking for a digital marketing agency in Mexico City to serve this growing and consolidated market in Latin America, we are a perfect match. We have been working in Mexico for more than 12 years, delivering successful marketing strategies.

Being able to serve clients as a digital marketing agency in Panama City is also a huge advantage for us. Because, this enables us to services clients throughout the Latin American region based on a US currency market with centralised and transparent operations, with the option to invoice directly in USA or in Germany.

In the ever-changing world of business, companies must constantly adapt to stay ahead of the competition. In today’s globalized economy, international marketing has become a crucial element in reaching new markets and expanding business operations. Our international marketing agency understands the challenges that companies face and is ready to help them succeed.

our process

garritz - our process - learn
garritz - our process - project
garritz - our process - perform
garritz - our process - assess
garritz - our process - roi


understand your audience

  • awareness
  • purchase intent
  • data habits


evaluate your previous outcome

  • predict improvement scenarios


media planning process

  • roi focused
  • disruptive and innovative
  • performance philosophy at media buying


we obtain insights from every outcome

  • real-time touch point evaluation
  • media buying/planning constantly improved


attribution modeling profiting from

  • technology
  • insights
  • human intelligence


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