“We think that in the digital transformation process of people and organizations, diversity, multi-ethnicity and community relevance are pillars to a good result. For us in Garritz, those are the values that we cherish. For we are there to bring good results and add value to our communities in every one of our endeavors"

the digital & new media agency

As a digital marketing agency, we are committed to deliver business results. Our work is focused on creating advertising strategies that bring results to our client’s brands through disruptive thinking and an innovative approach to media: we think of media as data, data to bring insights to deliver ROI. We create business platforms with creative thinking to communicate your brand’s values; we create products; we measure efficiency; we deliver results.

Garritz Online Media International

our process

garritz - our process - learn
garritz - our process - project
garritz - our process - perform
garritz - our process - assess
garritz - our process - roi


understand your audience

  • awareness
  • purchase intent
  • data habits


evaluate your previous outcome

  • predict improvement scenarios


media planning process

  • roi focused
  • disruptive and innovative
  • performance philosophy at media buying


we obtain insights from every outcome

  • real-time touch point evaluation
  • media buying/planning constantly improved


attribution modeling profiting from

  • technology
  • insights
  • human intelligence

case studies

garritz - our - case - success - universal
garritz - our - case - success - fresenius
garritz - our - case - success - thyssenkrupp
garritz - our - case - success - credito - Real

Entertainment (MOVIE) B2C

Jurassic World. Digital Media Performance. Mexico


Maximize the reach, deliver complete spot views (online video) optimize the conversion ratio (purchase of tickets online)


Integrated planning of the digital campaign for the launch. Purchase optimization focused on generating recall in potential segments along with a complete online video view and maximizing the sale of tickets online through platforms.

customer´s goal

39,622,000 USD estimated box office


Reach the right audiences and monetize the impacts on ticket purchases. Being a summer launch the competition of other titles hindered the efficiency of the investment.


248% return on investment in ticket sales VS advertising investment 8% above the estimated office box

platforms used

Paid – Facebook, Adwords, DSP, Bing Ad and some other third-party media Insights – Google Analytics, Nielsen (Recall Tracking and Purchase), Comscore Mdiametrix, Sizmek (Adverse Rate and Conversion Measurement)


The movie was the fourth more successful of the year at the box office in Mexico

Pharmacist chronic kidney disease (B2C & B2B)

Fresenius Kabi. Big Data Analytics. Global, India, China, Tailandia, Malasia


Understand the impact of the medication on different target groups


Fresenius created a database of patients with chronic kidney disease and requested a business intelligence tool through the interpretation of the data. The tool was developed in a web ecosystem using powerful data visualization tools, which facilitated the right angles to interpret business information that strengthened the evidence on the effectiveness of the medication.

customer´s goal

Develop a replicable business intelligence tool for different markets to analyze databases of patients with chronic kidney disease


Find relevant and statistically valid predictive models


More than directly affecting the quantification of ROI, our tool contributes to the positioning of the medication in government clients and final patients.

platforms used

- Back End

  • Plataform LAMP
  • Laravel as Serverside Framework
  • MariaDB as Database Engine
- Front End
  • JavaScript Frameworks (React & jQuery)
  • Boostrap + HTML5
  • Google Charts & D3Js Charts


Presentation before the board of directors showing the benefits and the pharmaceutical economy comparing the use against the absence of the drug in medium-term financial impacts by dialysis

Industrial solutions (B2B)

Thyssenkrup. Digital Asset Development. Global, Germany


Perform a standard process in the delivery of websites


Implementation of a process that includes:

-Segmentation of the audience through the user experience

-Conversion especially structure at obtaining leads

-Search engine positioning

customer´s goal

Communicate clearly their services, and verify the utility of the channel in obtaining qualified leads


Develop efficient and tested methodology in website production and SEO strategies.


Establish the bases for measuring digital strategy at the sales level.

platforms used

Content management group system (CMS), the first spirit


Standardization of the group's digital production and improvement in the search engine positioning of the projects under our responsibility.

Selling used cars B2C

Don Carro. Performance Marketing and Programmatic. Texas, USA


Performance.- investment in digital advertising aimed at a cost per acquisition.   Attribution model - develop a methodology for tracking and assigning attribution contact points and their impact on the customer's sales process.   Optimizing sales process – register and document the phases of the sales process and its synchronization in technology platforms


Performance – genetic strategies in the programmatic purchase looking for better efficiency towards the acquisition of the different digital platforms (Facebook, Google, DSP)   Attribution model and optimization sales process- we agreed on the presence of an "implant" of the agency supervising the execution of the CRM and the correct registration of the sales information referring to each purchase. The insights team designed a technological platform that will interpret the data and show the business intelligence required by the management.

customer´s goal

Optimization of digital investment and improvement of verifications in the sales process.


Implementation of the processes in a diverse and multi-cultural team, its standardization, and follow-up. A correct connection between multiple platforms some of them even closed initially. Identify and impact the specific audience.


Greater than 500% in direct sales Vs digital advertising investment Control platform and monitoring of the sales process

platforms used

Paid – Facebook, Adwords, DSP Insights – Google Analytics, development of the customized platform, online panel


Optimization to 400% of the ratio of the candidate to sale (Lead to acquisition)


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