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Universal Pictures Programmatic Strategy

We have worked with Universal Pictures in various markets across Latin America, managing their programmatic media buying strategy and execution. We improved awareness and consideration KPIs across all funnel activities, focusing on connecting upper and lower funnels to integrate a robust attribution model into their strategy.

AMPEL MedTech application

Garritz developed AMPEL, an AI-driven diagnostic tool for lung cancer, which was launched in partnership with Dr. Thomas Vogl at the radiology unit in Uniklinik Frankfurt. Funded by the Hessen government through a Löwe 3 grant, AMPEL integrates advanced machine-learning algorithms to revolutionize clinical diagnostics.

KPI6 audience activation

Garritz and KPI6’s collaboration unlocks powerful market insights, seamlessly transforming them into actionable data. Garritz packages these insights into contextual and data-driven audience segments, enabling precise activation across various DSPs to enhance advertising efficacy.

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