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Unlock the full potential of your programmatic campaigns with our advanced, privacy-respecting audience targeting solutions. 
Garritz International uses state-of-the-art techniques to deliver high-impact segments that comply with global data protection standards globally.

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Our clients are among the top advertising spenders in the world and they work with us to deep dive into their required consumer niche in detail, customize their strategies and each them on any channel.

Privacy-Respecting Techniques for Precision Targeting:

We use advanced, privacy-respecting techniques for audience identification, ensuring global data protection compliance. Our segmented identifiers and contextual listings provide precise, targeted marketing.

Probabilistic and Predictive Audience Solutions:

Leveraging advanced analytics, our probabilistic and predictive approach enhances targeting accuracy and enriches your first-party data.

Integrating Advanced Data Platforms:

We integrate CRM systems with CDP, DMP, and marketing cloud services, enhancing customer interaction understanding for better personalization and engagement.

Machine Learning-Driven Audience Creation:

Our machine learning algorithms continuously refine targeting strategies, improving campaign efficiency and effectiveness.

Strategic Partnerships for Scalable Solutions:

We develop scalable advertising solutions through partnerships, ensuring compliance with stringent European laws.

Seamless Integration with DSPs and SSPs:

Our service allows easy transfer of audiences to any DSP or SSP, maximizing reach and impact across multiple channels.

One-Click Activation:

Unleashing Targeted Segments in Programmatic Campaigns.

Create highly targeted segments for your programmatic campaigns, achieving exceptional results.

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