Facebook presents group stories

In spite of everything, Facebook continues to have great power among all the people who use the Internet daily, being part of the social network or a group, 


It doesn’t matter how many campaigns are thrown against Zuckerberg’s network, the stories, the feed, the groups and finally Facebook Messenger, the network continues to attract new users regularly.

One more tool for groups

Groups have slowly became the daily life of Facebook, we have more and more of them, with more users and many more possibilities, like stories and exclusive groups with paid subscriptions, and of course, exclusive content.

Would people pay to use a tool that was born free? People would agree to almost anything in order to have exclusive content.


It is important to remember that the stories of groups and events were already a reality; now what they offer us is that we can all collaborate in the history of our group (restrictions apply).

And as a marketer, can i use it?

Collective stories help people express in a more real, concrete and sincere what their opinnion about a product or service.

If we know how to use the focus that these groups have, they can serve as an online survey or a small social experiment to know the real opinion of our audience.


From these groups we can get our next brand ambassador or micro influencer for a social media strategy.