Brand lift studies

Brand lift studies allow a more efficient media strategy over time. Also, they deliver insights on the impact of the creatives and other campaign variables.

We deliver effective advertising strategies because we found them on intelligent insights. Through brand lift studies we get very valuable information to improve strategies, because they are a way to measure any advertising efforts towards brand or product, mostly investments conducted to generate brand awareness and delivering more remembrance and more purchase intent.

To conduct our brand audit studies we have different surveying tools at our disposition. When we consider one tool we look for the right balance in usability, flexibility, connectivity (import or export functionalities). Depending on the brands nature, we consider different panel solutions to deliver the surveys to the right groups.

If you still do not have a clear perspective of your audience, we conduct audience studies. We know we can help you decide the best way to make your brand grow.

We strongly recommend to deliver one audit before starting advertising activities. Therefore the brand would know perfectly where it is standing. Afterwards, it is also recommended to make other brand audit studies to ensure that the advertising strategy is working properly.

We offer this kind of studies as a part of our set of studies in our attribution modeling techniques. Most of all, the insights services we offer focus on delivering tangible return on investment on our clients budgets.

You can find a lot of information to the discussion of brand audit, but in the cluttered space we recommend you the following resources. We believe them to be useful to understanding the necessities beneath brand audit. A good compilation of posts on the matter:

If you have questions, special requirements or you look for the right partner to deliver a long term strategy to understand your brand development.

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