Connected TV advertising (CTV)

We all know that video content is the preferred format for most of uses. Digital tv use has grown exponentially in recent years. Video on demand platforms have also increased their popularity. The user consumes larges amounts of time of video online on different devices and platforms. Online video advertising is an essential channel of communication to today’s audiences.

Social media strategies are best used with video content. Using it in any earned media platform brings engagement, above all, leveraging it with paid media and online media planning strategies, it delivers top of the line results in awareness, consideration and sales.

In contrast to Pay Per Click strategies, online video advertising buying format consist in a Cost per View basis.

A correct online video  strategy will deliver awareness to your brand and drive your customers to find what you have to offer them. Furthermore, it is key to be relevant to your audience; hence our attribution modeling approach. We have extensive experience buying online video in different formats while measuring view quality and control acquisition efficiency.

We can support your online video advertising needs from video production, and most noteworthy we excel at media buying. Our online panel survey techniques allow us to deliver quality video views and stay relevant to your audience.

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