Consumer Marketing Insights

We’re here to help you unlock the next level. With consumer marketing insights services that are based on research, not guesswork, therefore, Garritz International helps you unlock insight into what really motivates your customers, giving them a voice in every stage of your product development journey. First we tactically analyse trends, so then we uncover meaningful insights and implement tailored strategies to improve on your market share and build brand preference.

Marketing ROI isn’t a thing. It’s the only thing. And we’ve got the data to prove it.

Since we are the data agency, we are the insights agency. Most noteworthy, understanding your target group makes a strategy successful. Since we offer a constellation of insights services, therefore, we provide intelligence to deliver successful marketing strategies.

Webanalytics GarritzWebanalytics

Webanalytics helps you understand what your audience does while they surf on your website. This knowledge allows you to improve the experience and to generate more ROI. Webanalytics services.

Market Research GarritzMarket Research

Are you thinking of introducing a new product? Conduct market research which gives you valuable insights to proceed. Market research services.

consumer marketing insights - Audience Studies GarritzAudience Studies

Conducting proper audience studies will help your brand better connect and engage with your consumers. Audience Studies.

Brand Audit GarritzBrand Audit and Brand lift Studies

After investing in advertising, measuring the results is critical. A Brand audit will help you understand your awareness and purchase intent processes. Brand Audit services.

Online Panel GarritzOnline Panel

A Panel will help you make studies around your brand’s activities, therefore, we offer online panel services. Online panel services.

consumer marketing insights - Funnel Analysis GarritzFunnel Analysis

If you invest in media properly, but the results are poor, you might want to check your sales funnel process.  Funnel analysis services.

consumer marketing insights - Attribution Modeling GarritzAttribution Modeling

First, brands execute media investments, then they measure results, and finally, they attribute the accurate weight per Touch Point. With an attribution model, you will make your money efficient. Attribution modeling services.

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