Creative agency services

As creative agency, Garritz International offers creative services to optimize media and advertising results. Our creative team has multiethnic capabilities, therefore we deliver top of the line services in different languages or directed to different audiences.

Creative agency services

We begin our creative process by bringing insights to the conversation. The more insights we have on our audience and on our product, the better and more effective our creative strategy will be.

We offer the following creative services:

Comms Planning GarritzComms planning

In the agency we consider comms planning as one of the angular pieces of advertising strategies. If you need comms planning services, click here.

Social Media GarritzSocial Media

In Garritz International, we consider social media a part of creative strategy. As a result, we complement our earned media strategies with paid media. If you are looking for social media services, please click here.

Copywriting GarritzCopywriting

Copywriting is the way to compel the audience to execute actions. If you are looking for copywriting services, you can click here.

Content Strategy GarritzContent Strategy

The right content strategy will deliver more engagement with your audience, and ultimately more purchase intent. If you need to develop a content strategy, you may want to click here.

Design GarritzDesign

Master graphics are at the core of our advertising work. If it looks good, therefore it will deliver. We offer both static and interactive design. If you need design services, please click here.

Big idea GarritzBig idea

The big idea is what gives coherence to an advertising strategy. If you need a big idea, please just click here.

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