Smart Data

Smart data means to react and activate relevant data sets to everyday marketing activities. Companies store peta-bytes of data every second around the world. This big data arrays contain invaluable insights to optimize almost any organizational process.

Our Smart Data services use a variety of technology, data and analytics to deliver insights for your business. Your data becomes actionable as you gain better visibility into your customer journeys, enhance customer engagement and optimize your marketing efforts.

Technology allows now  the transfer of big amount of information with complex and powerful network infrastructure. Computing has become more powerful than ever.  As a result, there is a plausible way to process humongous amount of data within milliseconds to get insights. This in order to get better informed in order to make the right decisions.

Fast and reliable decisions in business bring efficiency to ROI. Big data management must necessarily bring ROI. We can help you build your IT infrastructure and to create innovative ways of handling data and turning them into insights that bring ROÌ.

Garritz International leverages its knowledge on Big Data to creating powerful data visualization tools, artificial intelligence algorithms, and to obtain insights to deliver change and to optimize processes. While we have extensive experience delivering big data applications in Marketing and Healthcare, we have capabilities to participate in different industries.

Business Intelligence GarritzBusiness Intelligence

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Data Visualization GarritzSmart Data Visualization

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Big data Infrastructure GarritzSmart Data Infrastructure

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Artificial Intelligence GarritzArtificial Intelligence

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Marketing Automation GarritzMarketing Automation

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Data Management Platform GarritzData Management Platform

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Marketing Data Science

Since we were born in 2011 as a marketing and online media agency, our smart data applications in this area are extensive. We can apply them to product development, Martech and Adtech implementations, media planning efficiency and reporting. Also for sales funnel optimization, data management platform,  and insights mining. Therefore, we would like to listen to your specific needs so we can offer you a tailor made solution to your specific needs.

Healthcare Smart Data

We are committed to important social causes. Therefore, we participate in inspiring projects with both companies and universities. We are also working with the Institut für Diagnostische und Interventionelle Radiologie Uniklinik Frankfurt in an interesting radiomics project. Specially relevant we develop a methodology and  interface to interpret radiological images to accelerate the time to diagnosis lung cancer.

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