Artificial Intelligence

In the last decades there has been an increasing amount of literature and talk about Artificial Intelligence. Today is not like it was 70 years ago. We are not thinking on robots that are doing any kind of manual work only, but we are talking about robots and artificial intelligence processes that inhabit within a computer. Think of OpenAI’s Chat GPT, or any copywriting technologies available Today through an internet connection to any user.

Today is not that expensive to start experimenting with intelligent algorithms. You just have to allocate right resources to the right plan to deliver a useful outcome.

Nowadays it is possible to automate almost any process within organizations. Organizational processes are being documented as never before. This is making the need to building interfaces with machine learning algorithms a must. So it is ultimately facilitating all kind of processes’s optimizations.

Artificial Intelligence can be seen as simple as automated marketing or as complex as a data learning machine for cancer diagnosis, it really only depends on your needs to get the best from your machines, please let us listen to your specific needs to offer a tailor made solution.

Artificial Intelligence in marketing and data science

We are bringing to life intelligent algorithms in different projects with our clients:

Delivering marketing automation and learning processes in media buying and insights is part of our daily work. Our approach to media buying in programmatic environments is that of genetic algorithms. We create robots to try different strategies to find the ones with the best ROI outcomes.

In conclusion, Garritz inspires itself by participating in the development of interfaces to interpret intelligently radiological images. This work seeks to obtain valuable physiological information to deliver a faster and more accurate diagnosis for lung cancer patients.

Furthermore, we are designing Business Intelligence interfaces. We deliver accurate and real time information to make the right commercial decisions in the right time.

Finally, it is not only about university and scientific research, it is also about marketing and product development by interpreting insights automatically in big data sets.

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