Mobile Advertising

In the last 5 to 10 years, we witnessed the mobile revolution. Today more than half of total internet population globally connects to the internet through mobile devices, preferably smartphones. Multiple screens are the option the users are choosing: to watch TV with the phone or tablet, to tweet or comment on live shows. Mobile Advertising is today a must in every online campaign

It is precisely trough mobile advertising, how your brand will engage with is audience. What users do on the mobile devices, differs from it habits on a desktop or Laptop. Therefore, understanding insights on your brand’s audience’s habits is critical to achieve relevance in this extreme cluttered space. Mobile advertising offers also the possibility of geo localization making it a must go for any retail or point of sales advertising strategy.

In our media planning process, we consider mobile devices to drive the desired outcome to our campaigns depending on different target groups. The understanding of online audiences allows us to include the appropriate media mix, therefore, to deliver the best results.

Leveraging the intelligence created by publishers like facebook and google we create multi-device campaigns. Complying with US laws on privacy, we deliver retargeting campaigns that does not annoy the users. The key to this is to be relevant.

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