Data management platform

Data Management Platforms (DMPs) have become increasingly popular for businesses seeking to manage and target their media buying audiences. DMPs can be used for a range of purposes: Marketing automation, customer segmentation and analytics. As data-driven marketing becomes increasingly complex and competitive, DMPs/CDPs provide an effective and efficient way to manage and optimize customer data. (Please refer to this post if you have questions regarding what the difference between a DMP and a CDP- Customer Data Platform is)

Garritz Agency is an expert in the field of data-driven marketing and specializes in the implementation and optimization of DMPs. We help our clients identify the best platform to suit their specific needs. With our comprehensive understanding of the industry, we are able to provide our clients with the tools and resources they need to achieve their desired objectives.

At Garritz Agency, we work transparently with a variety of Data Management Platform services, including Retargetly, Bluekai, Lotame, Dataxpand, Smartio, Adobe, and Salesforce. These platforms offer our clients a range of features, ranging from audience segmentation and targeting to analytics and reporting. We take the time to understand our clients’ needs and recommend the best platform for their specific objectives.

DMP/CDP Services

With your DMP/CDP you have enhance your strategies on:

We are also able trough different technics, to associate Facebook user or google users to Audience IDs to improve user advertising experience.

If you look for a solution to commercialize your audiences to third parties, by agreeing to a collaboration with us we will make your audience clusters transparently available to sell through different online media exchanges.

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