Content Management System

Organizations today need to have a neatly defined process to content actualization, first of all, a Content Management System facilitates this process. An important part of this is the decision of what platform to use, therefore, in the market, the user will find as many solutions as there are companies, but the right choice for your organization depends on a different number of factors:

  1. Number of users needed.
  2. Do you have different editors,  then, you need a content version?
  3. Social Media Strategy
  4. Content Strategy
  5. Actual amount and nature of content to update
  6. IT department specifications
  7. Procurement policy

We have extensive experience managing different CMS, in addition to this experience, we offer the following solutions:

Open Source Content Management System

Open Source CMS allow the user to install the solution without associated licensing costs, because most of this platforms are signed under the GNU licensing, allowing third parties to install it freely. Since the possibility to program tailor made solutions on these platforms is easier, therefore, the community of developers of open source CMS is very large.


Corporate Content Management System

Corporate solutions offer strong platforms with associated costs, therefore, these platforms are powerful. The user can adapt it within the needs of the organizations. First, having not that big development communities, much as you will not find that commonly tailor made solutions, in conclusion, it depends on your organization’s needs to decide which is the best platform to install.


If you are interested in understanding more about CMS, we recommend you the following link, where you will see for yourself the big universe of CMS.

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