Big Idea Advertising

Big idea advertising is about insights to deliver a creative strategy, and insights is about generating return on investment.

Media efficiency is not only about investing in the right places impacting the right audiences. It is also about the right message. In conclusion, it is extremely important for advertising strategies to deliver a powerful and insightful big idea.

The concept of Big Idea advertising was originally conceived in the Brand building process of marketing and advertising strategies by big advertising agencies. In the internet, we find the following definition: “Big Idea in marketing and advertising is… an attempt to communicate a brand, product, or concept to the general public, by creating a strong message that pushes brand boundaries and resonates with the consumers”. We have the following elements:

1. Brand, product or concept. A big idea is founded in a neat defined brand, product or concept. Therefore, the marketeer must define the array of values, that is, the engaging elements to bond with the public previously to generate a big idea advertising strategy.
2. General Public. We do not consider wise to define an audience as “General Public” since it is too general. The strategy must create a narrow  demographic and attitudinal target to deliver an adequate strategy. Sometimes, it is best to create a specific set of targets rather than a general public approach.
3. Strong Message that resonates and that pushes brand boundaries. Today the advertising arena is full of messages. Therefore the importance to stand out with a clear and engaging message. This will ultimately bring more awareness and at the end, more purchase intent.

Our team also delivers multiethnic creative solutions. Our international constellation, allows us to empower our strategies with local and global insights.

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