Online Media buying

Our approach to online media buying is a transparent process where we deliver efficiency to media investment.

Online Media buying is not only about the “buying” process, hence, it starts with the research process and feeds through out the set up and maintenance phases. First, the insights of the audience and the product, second, the media plan development, finally, the campaign implementation, measurement and optimization.

Media Planning GarritzMedia Planning

Our media planning services are based on data insights. The best and most efficient way to invest on media is with an intelligent planning process. Here you find more and in depth information of our media planning services.

Online Campaign Audit GarritzOnline Campaign Audit

Are you completely sure that your media investments are being allocated correctly? Our team has extensive experience analysing and optimizing media plans, therefore, we offer media audit services. Here you ca understand what is the potential in our online campaign audit services

Programatic Advertising GarritzProgramatic Advertising

Programmatic is a way to optimize media buying processes by automating certain buying activities. We create dynamic strategies to deliver the best outcomes using genetic algorithms. Here you can learn more about programmatic advertising.

Online Video Advertising GarritzConnected TV Advertising

Today, content is the king. Maybe, you remember how your social feeds have changed in the last years. Before we used to have more images and hypertext, today our feeds contain mainly video. Therefore, we recommend you to get to know more about our online video advertising solutions.

Mobile Advertising GarritzMobile advertising

In the last years, the online audiences have switched their habits strongly. First, the use of pc was critical, today, mobile usage has raised above others. The audiences do different activities in each device, therefore, the media planning must be adaptive to multi-device environments. Here you can learn more on our mobile advertising services.

Search Engine Marketing GarritzSearch Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing represented around 48% of advertising budget in the US in 2016 (source), therefore, your company must be investing there, specially if you are building awareness in TV or other formats. In conclusion, we invite you to get to know ur search engine marketing services in depth.

Direct Response GarritzDirect response and performance marketing

Such a campaign activates the delivery of ROI as a strategic approach. Through our proprietary media buying techniques we create spectacular performance marketing strategies.

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