Community Management

Community Management is more important than the amount of attention the industry is actually  giving to it. Many organizations depend on trainee force to handle their online communities. Maybe because younger workers have more engagement with digital platforms, but it is not the most strategic approach.

A community manager must have a different and complex set of skills to deliver properly. Reading and writing are not only needed, rather understanding and curating capabilities are critical.

Imagine that the community manager will impersonate your brand. Now we would like to ask you if you would let it in the hands of youngest coworkers or the more unexperienced because they know the platforms? Would it not be better to allow a team of experts to take care of it?

The community manager takes into consideration what the conversation is about to be relevant. In order to do this, we provide powerful social listening reports to our clients. If you are relevant, your audience will listen to you. As a result, you will be more probably present in the mind of the consumer at the time of deciding to buy your product. In conclusion, community management will make your audience more engaged with your brand and it will also bring more awareness and at the end of the day, more ROI.

Each social media (facebook, twitter, linkedin, Instagram) has different nature, therefore, a different way to create engagement with users. Each social media has its own threads, hashtags and spirits. The users of each one expects specific content on them. Brands must consider this specifications in their comms planning to deliver best results of a social media strategy.

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