Web Apps

Take advantage of the the technological solutions at hand. Update your software efficiently through web apps. Today, online, you will find thousands of apps, probably, you are using a couple of them. Think about gmail and facebook, these are apps running in the cloud!

Rather than spending hours on several computers, rather, centralize all your software updates. Allow your team to access your digital tools anywhere, because all they need is a browser and internet connection.

Companies today are changing their employing models to a more flexible one. Home offices, collaboration spaces and different kind of models are emerging. This mobility has changed the way we communicate at the workplace. Mobility, as a result, is key in building today’s structures of communications within companies. In Garritz International, as an additional value we can also craft mobile apps.

Web applications give you the power of software functionality in addition to internet connectivity.  Accessibility to files and live collaboration are essential nowadays; and file sharing with live collaboration have become incredibly simple through web apps. The cloud technology revolutionized the way we approach team work, and web applications are the key to reach the full potential of the internet connectivity.

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