Content Curation

One of the main activities of the community manager is content curation. Curating content is a core part of the content strategy, since it is going to relate your brand to specific values present in the articles to share. Before you design your content strategy, you need to create a comms strategy to give a comprehensive framework to your advertising strategy. Therefore, we recommend to create the comms planning strategy together with content implementations and community management, all building blocks of a social media strategy.

Due to relevance in the social conversation, community managers should pay attention to what is being said around the brand. The conversation online is ever changing. Sometimes brands have opportunities to relate its values to specific conversations. With a schedule of social listening reports, your strategy will have the power to be relevant. Therefore, your community manager will curate and add adequate and valuable content to the conversation.

When curating content, please take the following considerations:

  1. Corroborate the validity of the information
  2. Check that the content its not all over already
  3. Try to be the trendsetter by doing relevant research
  4. Balance the sources of your curation
  5. Listen to audience feedback
  6. Share a good balance of images, articles and videos.

Garritz International designed a methodology to handle multi-audience targeted curated content. Our multiethnic team is dedicated to produce and curate top quality content to fulfill our clients needs. Therefore, if you struggle to find the correct content sources, or you think you have a room to optimize your audience engagement, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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