Comms planning

Our clients marketing strategies success begin with the right comms planning strategy.

There are three key ingredients to comms planning in Garritz International:


First you must understand in depth your audience nature and behavior. There are multiple tools to achieve this objective in the market, but there is always room to tailor made studies. Therefore you should consider to roll out an insights strategy to create all the desired knowledge on your brands audience. Conducting a brand audit will increase the possibilities to target and engage the right audiences to reach the full potential of the advertising budget.


To communicate with specific audiences, the right message brings a better outcome. We believe in adaptive strategies regarding messages to have enough room for performance. Consequently, creating different messages under the same content strategy to find specific performance in micro targets. The message to communicate must be seen in different colors in order to achieve successful engagement. The implementation of the message in different tactics is critical, therefore the platform of communication drives also ROI.


Once we know the right audience and the right messages we create an array of platforms to communicate. These platforms do not refer to media touch points but to specific communication vehicles or continued efforts such as a newsletter or a news blog, a promotion or an e-commerce platform.


Comms planning objectives must be outlined clearly before implementation. These objectives must meet both communications and business goals.


The measurement platform is the most important part of the comms planning strategy, because it will provide us with critical information to improve, in tuning with our audience, defining our values, messages, touch points and eventually, distribution channels.

If you are just considering or understanding comms planning, we recommend you the following read in

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