From the most simple and basic websites to the most complex, we have extensive experience in providing our customers bespoke solutions. Likewise, organizing the information properly builds precisely in that direction.

The website is the start point of the digital ecosystem of any single person, entity, company or enterprise, therefore, assigning resources to it, will define success or failure. In Garritz International, our objective is to extract all efficiency from our customer’s digital platforms; first of all by delivering a functional and impactful website, second, creating other properties to engage with the audience, such as, social media profiles. Finally driving qualified traffic to perform and deliver ROI.

Our websites count with top of the line design, therefore, they show equilibrium between technology and arts. We deliver online properties oriented to conversion architecture, because every click we drive off the user from the goal we lose money.

As a part of our services, we offer Webanalytics for tagging users behavior. Likewise, we obtain better insights to improve the website.

A website must be efficient, hence, we include a list to better understand how to achieve it:

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