Content Development

Today all brands preferably have a content strategy. Within such a strategy the activity of developing content is very important. Content development is not only about copy writing or writing articles. Due to its importance within a comms planning strategy, the process of developing content is, in it self, the process of creating the brand values and identity.

We believe that a strategy should be flexible and adaptable, mostly social media strategies. Social conversation online is ever changing. Therefore, adaptability through measurement is critical. First, you should find the adequate KPIs, then outlining a dashboard of comparison, to finally optimize your strategy.

To create relevant content we recommend you to pay good attention to the following concepts regarding content development:

  1. Listen to your audience. You will find a huge array of social listening tools, but which one is best for you? We can definitely help you.
  2. Research a lot, due to fake content. You do not want your brand to be associated to fake news!
  3. Measure engagement, therefore you will be results efficient.
  4. Never copy and paste!
  5. Always refer to your sources, because your brand should remain objective.
  6. Align your strategy to desired SEO results.

Content development and SEO

Your content strategy has at its spinal core the SEO strategy. Each piece of content to dwell in your owned and earned media properties, should be enforcing a specific keyword or group of them. Accordingly, the technical aspects to content tagging should be fulfilled.

In Garritz International, working together content development and Search Engine Optimization has shown to be the most efficient way to improve our clients properties in search engines. In conclusion, the more active your content is, the better results in SEO. Our Content Management System (CMS) solutions consider SEO capabilities to ensure the delivery of positive results.

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