Content Strategy

Content strategy in a marketing plan brings engagement with the audience. The right content must meet the right audience, therefore the brand must get good insights. First, finding an online panel, furthermore, implementing and analyzing a survey. The comms planning strategy will bring a framework to produce content.

The audience communicates differently in every platform, therefore the importance of content strategy. Strategic content provides the brand with a vehicle to communicate its values, same, it will engage the audience. An engaged audience will score higher values for awareness and purchase intent (within brand lift study).

Content development and content curation belong to the same strategy, therefore every brand should consider them to increase brand awareness and purchase of intent.

The social media changed the advertising landscape by inverting the equation between audience and brand. In the past, the brands were just communicating in a one way structure, hence, the audience listened. The problem is that today it does not work anymore like this, because the users are empowered, therefore, the brands must listen to the audience to be relevant and to provide accurate content, mainly to deliver engagement by informing the audience of brand values and nature.

If you just look for information on the subject, maybe you will find useful to visit the following link from the Content Marketing Institute.

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