Programmatic advertising

In the last years, programmatic advertising has been growing in the marketing chatter. But what is programmatic?

We know that more than 10 years ago, platforms made it possible to buy online media in digital outlets such as google or Facebook programmatically. Platforms where the user could give precise instructions in terms of different variables like format, time of the day, cookie response, etc. Data Management Platforms have been around also for a while.

Programmatic has been used for a while to deliver performance to online strategies focused on results. These direct response techniques use the platforms to generate optimum results in the media outlets.

These days, the outlets have more power and functionalities, therefore, companies will find potential putting the right resources into it.

In Garritz International, we have been buying programmatically since our agency was founded back in 2011. Growing with the platforms we have accumulated vast experience within programmatic techniques and media buying to deliver performance.

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