Garritz International Agency

In Garritz International Agency, first of all, our clients give us meaning and have driven us to become what we actually are. We have created long term relationships We feel proud to be working with global brands such as:

Universal Pictures, client of Garritz InternationalWe are producing online media planning and buying solutions for Universal Pictures LATAM.

Fresenius Kabi, client of Garritz International Agency Garritz produces big data solutions for Fresenius Kabi.

We are based on three cities, therefore, we can serve you as agency of the record. We are based on New York, Dallas and Denver, certainly, we have developed a network of trustworthy clients in the United States, therefore we offer boutique agency services. Even more, we are currently working with different clients offering full agency services:

Credito Real, client of Garritz International
Brewer and Lormand, client of Garritz International
Mexican Cultural Center Denver, client of Garritz International

Success cases

Don Carro

Full Service Agency



Brewer and Lormand

Social Media Management



Mexican Cultural Center

Full Service Agency



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