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February 11, 2023 Marketing, new, Partnerships

The most popular posts on LinkedIn

Not much is said about LinkedIn in the digital marketing spheres. After all, it’s considered a tool to find business professionals, which doesn’t share the constant changes of other social networks. However, this platform does encourage professional and academic communication between workers of the same field. We can’t leave aside that communication in LinkedIn’s ecosystem […]

February 7, 2023 new

What digital marketing agencies can learn

This November, all eyes were on one event: the 2018 midterm elections. Regardless of your political allegiance and who you wanted to win, there’s no denying that this round of elections stood out by achieving outstanding voter turn out compared to previous years. If there was one message that was commonly spread despite political agendas […]


Let’s talk about Artificial Intelligence

During the eighties, artificial intelligence was an anthropomorphic dream by the biggest storytellers in the world. Today, we are in constant contact with AI at almost every moment, and sometimes without even realizing it. Because of this very reason we have created this article, to talk about how many industries have adopted AI so well, […]


Email marketing and privacy

Email marketing is one of the most scrutinized marketing methods in our post-GDPR world. At first glance, this thinking can intimidate marketers. But it’s actually a good thing because it means brands need to put their subscribers’ privacy above their own data collection. Users trust companies more when their personal data is used to personalize […]

January 19, 2021 new

Good email marketing practices

Be considerate In 2020 the whole world was caught up in a pandemic. This has changed the way people shop online, react to different messages, and also their emotions in general. The opening rate of emails has decreased while the rate of spam emails has increased. Although the pandemic could be over in a few […]


Email marketing relevance

Email marketing: Beyond the world of marketing, things are becoming increasingly unforeseen. Go back to 2010, and it will be extraordinarily difficult to find anyone capable of predicting the next decade, and 2020 in particular. Fortunately for us, marketing tendencies – and digital trends in particular – are somewhat easier to predict. Given the amount […]


Twitch doubles LatAm audience

This year the platform has grown in hours consumed, as well as in users and content creators. Twitch is a “new” entertainment channel and has doubled its audience in Latin America this year, thanks to its huge community of content creators. Twitch is an entertainment platform that started with a video game DNA, an industry […]

December 22, 2020 Marketing, new


OTT and CTV in LATAM seem to be entering a period of rapid and sustained expansion: As networks improve their traffic capacity. Often unfairly overshadowed by its northern neighbor, Latin America is a huge market for the video industry itself, with a population of some 639 million. Decades of relative political stability have led to […]

Digital, Marketing, new

What is Connected TV?

In recent years, the growth of Connected TV is transforming the world of digital advertising. The format of TV ads without the big price tag, the higher engagement viewers, and the health of the media mix are just some of the reasons to explain why advertising on Connected TV is growing rapidly. In the case […]

Digital, Marketing, new

First Party Data. What it is?

First-party data, in the digital age, for marketing professionals, is the way to collect and enrich customer information and habits. This data comes from their sources, such as mobile applications or websites. How can you benefit from using your data? First-party data definition. They refer to information that companies can collect from their sources. In […]

November 13, 2020 Marketing

What is a CDP (Customer Data Platform)?

Customer Data Platform: The goal of a CDP is to gather all customer data and concentrate it into unified profiles. This enables brands to work easily with them. We have all heard stories of tools that can function as a hub or central location for customer data. Certainly there has never been a shortage of […]

Marketing, new

Managing dashboards with Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio Definition. A free Google tool that allows users to make customized reports with data from Google marketing services and external sources, such as Excel sheets or csv formatted text files. Information. Data Studio is Google’s reporting solution for advanced users who want to go beyond Google Analytics data and dashboards. Data Studio’s […]


Marketing during COVID-19

There is no doubt that difficult times are coming for us as individuals, businesses, countries, and as the world. In times like these it can be difficult to talk about your products and services without giving the impression of being insensitive to the delicateness of our current situation. Here are some tips to improve your […]

March 25, 2020 Fresh, Marketing

The state of LinkedIn demographics

In the last few years, LinkedIn has become an essential platform for all types of professional matters. Following a boom in its user base and the services it has to offer, LinkedIn has seen many changes in a short time. Among them, changes in their demographics. Whether you are a business, an individual, or a […]


Everything about online events

With most of the world in self-isolation, many events have been canceled, businesses have closed, and the attention of the world is being directed to the online world. Many, out of necessity are  turning to virtual events to avoid losing their planning and marketing investments. Others, are turning to live transmissions to be a brand […]

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LinkedIn to test Stories

Better late than never. This seems to be LinkedIns attitude as it finally forms part of the group of social media platforms that have added stories to their repertoire of content creation tools. According to LinkedIn’s official announcement, this decision was taken due to the platform’s interest in a more casual way of creating important […]

March 11, 2020 new, Social

TikTok in marketing strategy

I’m sure you’ve heard more than once about this famous social network, which is gradually growing. To contextualize, we’ll explain what it is and why it has gone mainstream. TikTok is a platform that has one main purpose: to share short videos created from your mobile phone. It contains a wide variety of music, voice […]


The Future of Marketing vs. the Coronavirus

As the virus continues to spread, businesses and consumers alike are taking all the necessary precautions to avoid becoming infected. And as quarantines and other measures are beginning to disrupt the over-all market, it is not only wise, but necessary, for marketers and advertisers to be prepared for the possible changes that the outbreak will […]

Marketing, new

WhatsApp: More than a private messaging app

One of the main principles of marketing is to reach your consumers where they already are. Each day 300 million people use WhatsApp to connect with their families, friends, and colleagues throughout the world. With a user base of that size, it is not surprising that entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerburg are taking a special interest […]

February 26, 2020 Fresh, Marketing

4 Elements that will elevate your marketing strategy

In order to stand out you have to take a risk and go beyond the ordinary. A good marketing strategy doesn’t just look for good results where it knows it can find them.  Instead, it takes on a challenge through new and diverse opportunities that are equally as likely to drive results. A good strategy […]

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5 Tips for incorporating AR into your marketing strategy

Augmented reality has the power to transform the way consumers interact with brands. According to Havas New York’s Chief Creative Officer, Harry Bernstein, “A screen was a barrier between you and an experience, and now AR breaks that barrier.” With current technological advances, AR has never been more accessible and easy to use for brands […]

Fresh, Marketing

Meet Byte, Vine’s new video platform successor

The resurrection of Vine is finally here under a new name and its ready to give Tik Tok a run for its money. The new short video format, also known as Byte, has caught the media’s attention as it gained 1.3 million downloads in its first week. According to Time Magazine, Byte has been taking […]

February 11, 2020 Fresh, Social

Facebook’s redesign: FB5

Around 16 years ago, Facebook came to our lives to revolutionize the world of social media. Throughout the years, Facebook has gone through many changes as it has adapted to its consumers’ needs and at the same time has helped dictate the future of digital world. This year marks the beginning of a fifth redesign […]


The Super Bowl 2020 trends

With an average of 102 million viewers, the Super Bowl is one of the biggest days in the sports world. Simultaneously, it’s one of the biggest days for the select few brands and agencies that have the luck, and the budget, to air the most viewed commercials of the entire year. For these agencies, the […]


Future of influencer industry

Since the birth of the influencer, influencers have dominated social media platforms and flooded our feeds with sponsored posts from the smallest brands to the biggest and most well-known brands in the world. With their perfectly curated and coordinated posts, they have won our hearts over and managed to influence audiences for a long time, […]

January 23, 2020 new

Instagram DMs to desktops

After a long wait, Instagram is finally bringing its direct messages to desktops. On January 14th, Instagram announced that it has begun testing this feature and will only make it available for a very small group of users in the world. This is a highly anticipated move since it will help facilitate communication amongst Instagram […]

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Tribe marketing

In any marketing project, knowing and segmenting your audience or consumers is one of the fundamental steps in any strategy. For the longest time, demographical information has been our ally in this mission, but times are changing and alternative ways of segmenting audiences are gaining popularity. We invite you to learn more about tribe marketing, […]

January 9, 2020 Fresh, Marketing

3 Marketing practices to avoid in 2020

The beginning of the year always brings a wave of recommendations of what to do and expect from the new year. Tips, predictions, and trends flood newsfeeds and blogs this time of year, but they rarely tell us what NOT to do in order to keep our marketing efficient. Since the best way of learning […]

Marketing, new

3 Tips to make your brand more human

Things are personal when it comes to marketing, or at least they should be. Audiences like to feel connected to brands, which is why they prefer those with a human touch. Even though technology advancements have brought many opportunities in terms of communication and connection, it has also created a digital barrier amongst us. With […]

Marketing, new

How to optimize your page for voice search

One of the most talked about trends in digital marketing for 2020 is the rising popularity of voice search. Each day, more and more people are taking advantage of their smart devices since they allow them to do every-day tasks in a more natural and conversational manner. With the popularity of mobile devices and voice assistants […]

December 26, 2019 new

Privacy is priority in the new age of advertising

Since the creation of the GDPR, the future of digital advertising has been threatened, and there’s no other option than to transform its current practices or die. The age of cookie based advertising is at the beginning of a radical shift, thanks to Google and other online search engines that are beginning to block the use […]


Facebook says goodbye to fake news

For a while, Facebook has been looking for a solution to its fake news crisis. Now, it will put a new strategy to the test that will put fact checking partially in the hands of a team of community members that will help distinguish fact from fiction in these news posts.  This new strategy was […]

Fresh, Social

How to navigate influencer marketing in a world without likes

When Instagram announced that it would no longer display likes, many applauded the platform for making a decision that would help improve its users’ mental health. Others, especially those who work within the social media industry, asked themselves what would happen or how it would affect influencer marketing since likes are a popular metric used […]

December 11, 2019 Fresh, Marketing, Social

Get ready for generation Alpha

A new decade is coming and this means we’re about to find ourselves facing a new generation that will bring new challenges for the industry. It’s never too early to start preparing for change so let’s give a warm, and premature, welcome to generation Alpha. Who is generation Alpha? Generation Alpha consists of those born […]

Fresh, Marketing

Age finally matters for Instagram.

For many, age is just a number, but when it comes to the internet and privacy, age is a powerful force not to be reckoned with. Instagram, up until recently, has been gambling the safety of its younger users’ online privacy by neglecting to enforce a seemingly basic sign up requirement: an age check. Now, […]

Fresh, Marketing, Social

TikTok and the New Generation of Influencers

Influencers have made their way to TikTok and they’re ready to make their own way within the app and the social media influencer industry. What started as an entertainment app has quickly become an international sensation amongst younger generations, grabbing the attention of brands and marketers alike that are ready to take advantage to create […]

November 27, 2019 Fresh, Marketing, Social

The Evolution of Social Media Consumption and Behavior

Reflection time is approaching as the end of 2019 marks the end to not only another year, but an entire decade. Looking back, from the beginnings of social media  we’ve seen many networks and platforms come and go; some rising to take an everlasting spot in consumers’ lives, while others ultimately rising only to eventually […]

Marketing, Social

Three Tips that will Improve your Seasonal Campaigns

The holiday season is here, and with that comes the season of sales and promotions that aggressively compete to gain the consumers attention. Even though the holiday season only makes up a small percentage of the year, It never hurts to be prepared regardless of what industry you’re in. According to Google, preparing for the […]

Marketing, Social

Global or Local Marketing

With the rise of the internet, communicating with any audience at any time has become a modern day possibility, but just because we can do something, does it mean we should? When thinking of our digital marketing strategy and determining our audiences, one question to ask yourself is should your approach go global, or stay […]

November 13, 2019 Fresh, Marketing

Generating leads through social media.

So you want to generate leads through social media, but you don’t know how. Or maybe you have a strategy in place, but are looking to improve it. Thankfully, Social Media Today and SharpSpring have partnered up to bring us the latest findings from their State of Social Lead Generation report.  Whether you’re a big […]

Marketing, Social

The Increasing Importance of Brand Purpose in 2019

One of the most important takeaways of 2019 is that consumers want brands that care. Trust in brands and their respective marketing and advertising efforts have severely declined and in order to reverse that, it is up to brands to effectively demonstrate and communicate that they stand for something through brand purpose. When creating a […]

Fresh, Marketing

Less is more when it comes to data collection in marketing.

Here at Garritz, we pride ourselves on always backing up our every decision with data and facts. Whether it’s for the creation of a paid campaign, an organic content strategy, or the optimization of a web page, it is highly important to rely on facts in order to provide a well informed service and deliver […]

October 30, 2019 Fresh, Marketing, new

Capturing your audience’s attention with the “Moment of Next”

Do you know when consumers are more susceptible to different content components? Nielsen and Taboola created a study to determine the key moments which marketers should focus on when creating a content campaign.  According to Nielson, in only 8 years, the human attention span has decreased from 12 seconds in the year 2000, to 8 […]

Fresh, Marketing, new

FTC to go after companies illegally faking likes and followers.

If you’re thinking of selling engagement for social media accounts, think again. It is officially illegal to sell likes, follows, and fake reviews and the FTC is ready to crack down on those who do.  The first case to go down in the FTC’s pursuit to end deceptive marketing tactics is the case of German […]

Marketing, new, Social

Video marketing statistics.

Video Alalytics If we talk about marketing strategies; video-marketing becomes a fundamental, and not to mention, a vital tool for your product, service or enterprise. If you want to be seen as one of the major trends and your main goal is to catch your potential clients’ attention, then you MUST use video-marketing as one […]

October 16, 2019 Fresh, Marketing, Social

Storytelling: How narratives can help your content thrive

Storytelling Can you remember the last piece of content you interacted with on your social media feeds? Many wouldn’t be able to recall a specific post, and that is because we live in such a fast-paced digital world that our feeds are bombarding us with so much new information, it can make any piece of […]

Fresh, Marketing

What to expect from marketing in 2020

With three months left of 2019, it’s time to begin looking ahead towards the future of marketing. As the digital landscape continues to change at a fast pace, it’s important for marketers and brands to evolve with new tactics and technology to avoid becoming stagnant, stay ahead of the curve, and stand out amongst the […]

Marketing, new

To cancel or not to cancel? Activism during the digital age.

Back in the pre-digital age, it was easier to be part of a controversial matter without having it permanently displayed for the world to access. Now it’s 2019 and the times are changing, and those changes are bringing a culture shift full of new opportunities, responsibilities, risks, and repercussions. With an increasingly opinionated and socially […]

October 1, 2019 Social

Social Media Takeovers

Influencers are everywhere. We see them on their platforms, we see them on the news, we sometimes even see them in real life. Influencers are hard to ignore, and digital marketing data over the past few years has proven how successful they can be at creating awareness and conversions for brands. While influencers mainly influence […]


Generation Z

Growing up is inevitable, and as Gen Z matures into a generation with increased consumption power, it’s important for marketers to pay close attention to how they approach and engage with brands. Fortunately for us, Snapchat in partnership with CASSANDRA,  has recently released a report detailing the latest insights on Gen Z consumer behavior. Here […]


COPPA violations lead to fine for YouTube

YouTube once again finds itself in another bind as the Federal Trade Commission officially announced that the video platform will be fined a grand total of  $170 million dollars for not complying with the Children’s Online Protection Privacy Act.  Penalizing YouTube Penalizing YouTube, however, isn’t just about the money. To complement the hefty fine, the […]

September 17, 2019 Fresh, Social

Facebook could soon hide likes

Often times, when Instagram tests a new feature, it’s very likely that its parent company, Facebook, will follow its lead. We saw it with the adoption of stories, we saw it with the integration of disappearing photo and video messages, and we saw it with the addition of camera filters. Now, such is the case […]


Instagram 101: Basic Best Instagram Practices in 2019

With 1 billion active users, Instagram can get pretty competitive and making sure you are on top of the Instagram game is crucial if you want your brand to not only survive but stand out and actually impact and engage your audience. With Instagram’s constant algorithmic and platform changes, sometimes it’s hard to keep up […]


TikTok, a case of short-term or sustainable success?

Within a year from its creation, TikTok has taken the world by storm, attracting billions of users to the video-sharing app, but is this success sustainable or is it simply a fad that will fade as quickly as its viral content does? TikTok history What started as a teen karaoke app, otherwise known as […]

September 3, 2019 Fresh, Social

Instagram gives direct messaging a second chance

Instagram is willing to give direct messaging apps a second chance with Threads, Instagram’s latest venture that aims to connect smaller groups of people in stronger ways. This app comes after Direct’s downfall, Instagram’s previous stand-alone messaging app that was taken down only two years after its launch in 2017. With many established messaging apps […]

Fresh, Social

LinkedIn: professional live streaming

A new tool for LinkedIn It will allow users to broadcast and enjoy live shows within the app. According to LinkedIn, the purpose of live is to “enable organizations to create powerful brand moments, deepen relationships with followers and increase their engagement on the platform. In fact, broadcasters are seeing 7x more reactions and 24x […]

Marketing, Social

WordPress buys Tumblr for 3 million dollars

The beloved platform Tumblr, was bought by the same company that owns WordPress.

August 19, 2019 new, Social

How much time do we spend on social media?

Find out how many users are on social media and why they use it.

new, Social

Facebook: news section a second try

Get to know the changes that Facebook is implementing to its news section.

new, Social

Is FaceApp using my data?

Did you use FaceApp to see what you would look like in a few years, and are worried about your personal data? Find out what is really going on behind this platform.

August 5, 2019 new, Social

What’s popular on YouTube

Are you amazed by the number of videos that exist on YouTube? Find out which videos are the most viewed on the platform.

Marketing, Social


Know the stats on what celebrity influencers make per sponsored post.

Marketing, Social

The Status of Marketing in 2019

Short description: There’s still time to optimize your ads. Find out which platforms and types of ads have been performing well throughout the course of the year. Many sources have finally released this year’s social media statistics. In order to optimize our content and campaigns, it’s important to revise and analyze this data. One of […]

July 24, 2019 new

Instagram Wants to Be Part of Dark Social Media

Instagram has announced its latest feature: Join chat, the new Instagram sticker that allows your followers to join a private conversation through stories. Instagram in Dark Social Media? By uploading a story to your Instagram account and adding the Join Chat sticker, you’ll receive a notification when one of your followers wants to join your […]


Nostalgia: MSN Messenger Turns 20 Years Old

If you had access to a family computer and a telephone line in the 2000’s, then we’re sure you had an experience with the magical world of instant messaging through MSN Messenger. If you had messenger in your youth, prepare to feel old because MSN is 20 years old. Despite the fact that it ceased […]


What should we know about Facebook Libra?

After some months of waiting and expectation, Facebook finally made the announcement of its new currency: Libra. Libra and Calibra, the financial systems with which Facebook plans to allow users to carry out transactions around the world, will launch on the first half of 2020. How it started? Libra and Calibra started with the idea […]

July 1, 2019 new

Instagram includes slow motion option for stories

Create, create, create This is the Instagram assignment for its users; what the social network seeks is that we always want to create new content. The stories turned out to be one of the most productive hits for content creation. Including a fragment of the extinct Vine to a platform where we can also see, […]


Google will add reaction gifs in search results

Google changes Only the less observant web surfers have missed the subtle but diverse changes that Google has made in its main results page. All these changes implemented by Google are based on the urge to give the user a shorter journey between the search and the finding of the wanted result. Before this, if […]


People will spend up to 36 days using mobile internet in 2021

Mobile devices are the best way to consume content in virtually any place, and that’s why every day, we spend more time browsing mobile internet. Who did not imagine a portable TV in the mid-90s? Of course, we had some small mobile televisions that weighed a ton and really did not fit anywhere. Despite this, […]

June 13, 2019 new

Facebook ads new ranking factors

Facebook’s algorithm is designed so that when entering our profile, we can see before anything else the posts of our close friends and the pages we follow. An important part of Facebook’s success is that it has become easier to give away likes. This helps the engagement of the pages, but how many of the […]


Instagram will let advertisers boost organic influencer content

Of the social networks, Instagram is one of the few that survive in the minds of people as that space in which people can still consume original creators content. Although this is the premise of all networks, originality has been lost in many others; this gives added value to the photography network. After allowing the […]


huawei google

Android vs Huawei, how does it affect marketing?

On May 19 all the front pages woke up with the news that for a few days would shake the world: Google, under the mandate of the US government, imposed a veto on all Huawei mobile phones. The panic was immediate and many Huawei owners began looking for ways to get rid of their devices […]

June 4, 2019 Fresh


Instagram TV will now support horizontal videos

For many years, netizens devoted hundreds of negative comments to videos in vertical format. The reason was simply that this format of videos seemed not to accommodate users, since they did not use a good part of the screen seen in landscape mode. Time passed, generations changed and suddenly users seemed comfortable consuming content without […]


facebook stories

Facebook stories are getting improvements

Facebook stories What matters for Facebook is that when we enter the platform, we feel like scrolling down or leaving a like, which is not easy having so many things to do online. The constant tests that Facebook tries with services like “Secret Crush” are attempts to maintain leadership, however, not all tests have been […]


Google announces new marketing tools

Google, the fashion imposing monster, always keeps up with the updates that users need or ask, this time (as they do regularly), they bring updates for marketers around the world. Nowadays, according to data from the powerful search engine, more people are looking to discover new brands or change their way of consuming the products […]

May 16, 2019 Fresh

Facebook reenables “view as” feature

Less than a year ago, Facebook had one of the strongest security scandals it has seen in its career due to a security failure in the “See as” option, with which we could see our profile as any other person. With this, each time a person entered the “View as” option and selected a specific […]


Instagram creates a shop-only account

Changing the way we use social media in order to make it more friendly and responsive is how they get to stay in the preference of users, which although it is complicated, is the only objective they have in mind. Although Instagram struggled a little to make a reputation, it slowly evolved to get where […]


Facebook F8, is the future really private?

The future is private,” or so Mark Zuckerberg claimed at the F8 conference where Facebook’s latest and greatest updates where announced. In a continuous attempt to focus on authentic and secure connections, the social media giant announced a variety of adjustments made to Facebook and its partner platforms. After a controversial year full of security […]

May 7, 2019 Fresh

Facebook: eliminate likes of minor accounts

Not so long ago, we lived the biggest conflict YouTube has had since it was founded in 2005, this is because, despite having hundreds of millions of users, it has managed to stay a relatively healthy social network. The conflict began when some users detected unusual activity in certain videos, especially in videos of little […]


Instagram rolls out new video party option

Looking to keep up being one of the biggest visual content networks, Instagram tries new ways to make its audience feel served and renewed, this time, they seek to encourage the communal video viewing. Sounds familiar? It is. Almost a year ago, Facebook offered the new option “Watch Party”, with which we can watch a […]


Dark social media or the untraceable

For several years now, the frequency of publications on social networks has increased remarkably; we post if we want to share something fun with our friends, and when we share “secretly”, we give life to what is called Dark Social Media. Dark Social Media does not mean that we enter illegal content networks or that […]

April 23, 2019 new

Facebook stories to keep up

It seems that in the world of social networks every time everything is more similar. While it is true that video reigns, the most popular networks have a similar way of inviting us to watch audiovisual content. Maybe some fanatics of being updated, remember a fleeting Instagram update in which all newsfeed posts, had the […]


LinkedIn innovates with new reactions

LinkedIn has always been presented as a sober network that is not interested in keeping up with the best emojis or stickers. LinkedIn just wants to keep its eyes on its audience: professionals looking for serious publications. Or at least that’s how it was. Sooner or later all the networks must have a youthful, attractive […]


Best video ad practices for 2019

Internet users love video content and both the advertisers and the different apps that track our preferences know this. Algorithms are responsible for demonstrating that video content is what achieves more engagement among the audience, that is why those applications that facilitate the consumption of such content are still the most downloaded in different operating […]

March 8, 2019 Fresh

Do we really want personalized ads?

The command of every current marketer is: to make personalized announcements in the most precise and segmented way possible, in this way we will not waste efforts showing our product to people who are not interested in it. Working with third-party data can be the best tool to create personalized experiences if done in the […]


Disney wants to be in control of Hulu

We know that everybody watches movies and series from the comfort of their own couch these days. And that streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu allow us immediate access to those movies and shows. Last February Netflix swept the Oscars, but the live streaming service giving us something to talk about now is […]


Facebook rolls out new video ad options

Showcase, the new Facebook product is designed to help advertisers connect through the video platform of the social network: Facebook Watch, with carefully selected premium audiences, through long-lasting, high-quality video content. Facebook Watch currently has more than 400 million viewers per month. 75 million of them consume around 20 minutes of daily video on the […]


YouTube is looking to protect its younger audience

YouTube is once again at the center of controversy as claims show that the platform’s algorithms allow for unlawful and dangerous behavior against minors. This week, YouTube has spoken up and taken action by introducing new YouTube norms in order to protect the community from predatory characters. Introducing the new YouTube Norms The video content […]


Google news

Google news: On any given day, the average person is exposed to 4,000 ads, and only the most unique and memorable ones will stand out. But how do you achieve that? With so many changes in the digital world, it can be hard to keep up with all the latest and greatest tools and methods […]


Tik Tok is officially part of the world of digital marketing

Tik Tok is still on everyone’s radar. At the start of this month, we reported that many users on Twitter claimed having seen a video ad on the app. The reports keep coming on new ad testing on the platform, this time they look more like real social media ads, with tags and options that […]

February 26, 2019 new

Google Display Network

In the world of the Internet, there is absolutely no more widely known name than Google. We all flock to Google in search of a diagnosis, which McDonald’s is open at 11 pm, gifts, dresses, shoes, games, how to change a light bulb… the options are unlimited. Everyone has seen the ad sidebars or the […]


Facebook Leads and Landing Pages

Using Lead Ads on Facebook is now a common practice on agencies and brands. Facebook Lead Ads are the ads that generate the opportunity for conversion. These are some of the most basic ads on Facebook, but also the strongest tool for conversion. These kinds of ads are very dynamic, they offer a way to […]


Statistics for better Google Search campaign implementation

Nowadays, there are 3.5 billion internet searches a day. This number grows every year almost 10%, that’s why it’s a necessity to understand well how our brand can make a good implementation campaign on Google Search Although it may sound incredible, in 2019 at least 16% of searches in Google are about new terms while […]

February 25, 2019 new

Things look better for Facebook on Q4

Last time we looked at Facebook’s quarterly numbers, we saw loses, mainly in Europe. However, this time Mark Zuckerberg comes back with a smile on his face, in spite of yet another privacy scandal surrounding his platform. The proof that Facebook just went through a small bump on the road According to the previous report, […]


The new enemy of YouTube

On February 17, YouTube user MattsWhatItIs uploaded a twenty-minute video that exposes the terrible truth about YouTube and social media in general In the video, Matt reveals research with images and video data that confirms the existence of a pedophilia network within YouTube, in which they share videos of children. The video, to this moment, […]


WhatsApp to change privacy settings to block Groups

A little while ago it was reported that WhatsApp has become the most popular social network. Even bigger than Facebook. This is largely due to its nature. As an app dedicated to messaging, its use is now more of a necessity than purely for entertainment purposes. However, there are no social media without complaints. One […]

February 22, 2019 Fresh

Almost a year since GDPR, how has it been?

In 2018, the European Union, trying its best to control and protect personal data on the Internet, came up with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) This regulation affects only the European Union so that any brand that wants to do business and handles personal data has to keep in check with it. Regulators on […]

February 21, 2019 new

Instagram accounts lose a big number of users overnight

This morning, many Instagram users reported on Twitter the loss of more than 500 followers. Famous users like Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez lost millions of followers overnight. Social networks have been in constant clean-up Famous users and Influencers like James Charles, fashion stylist for the stars, saw losses of 2 up to 3 million […]

February 13, 2019 new

Voice Interface, the future is upon us

Technology won’t stop growing fast and out of control. Just a couple of years ago, we all wanted a Led TV, but now we have curved TVs, Smart TVs, and whatnot. The biggest trend right now is: smart speakers with voice interface. In other words: give orders and making questions using only your voice so […]

February 7, 2019 new

Data Mapping

In 2019 Big Data is has become a household name, everyone know and understands that the information we give the internet reaches companies. We know that a lot of that data is given while doing segmentation on Facebook, Google and other publishers But, how do we put together all the data when it arrives raw […]


Pop-up or chatbot, the duality of digital messages

Conversions. The magical creatures we constantly chase in our struggle for the great digital pie. Pop-ups and chatbots are two great tools that can generate this magical creature First, let’s see what works and what doesn’t. Pop-ups, the oldest trick in the book. Since the beginning of the Internet, pop-ups have been a part of […]


NBCUniversal to unify digital ads and TV spots

Every day it feels more and more like digital streaming services are leaving linear TV behind. Realizing this, advertisers and many others have already made the full switch to digital. However, options for digital TV ads are very little and the only streaming services that have ads are the ones like YouTube, Crunchyroll and Crackle, […]


Organic or paid, the major question of social media

We have all been there, in front of the computer thinking: “should I pay to boost my posts on Facebook or not?” It’s a choice that can perplex anyone. We have seen great examples of both organic and paid. Content that has become viral in a spontaneous way and paid content that has blown everyone’s […]


Tik Tok is testing ad units

Tik Tok has been big for no more than 6 months, and its popularity has led it to take in ads. The app is what was. Many now know it from the funny videos of people doing lip sync. Last year, the app reached 500 million downloads, many believe the reason has something to […]


Amazon tries out free samples

Amazon is always looking for ways to be in front of the trends. By the end of 2018 we had the first test of Amazon stores, one completely automized and another that was just the shopping window. We know that Amazon wants to get into every market, but we tend to ask: how far are […]

January 31, 2019 new

Facebook changes Multilanguage and Events

While most social networks have taken a small break after winter holidays, Facebook has continued developing its platform non-stop. Facebook changes The first tool revealed this year was Multiple Language Dynamic Ads, in other words, dynamic ads on Facebook will now have the posibility to translate ads automatically in various languages, relative to your region […]


Niche Product Optimization, the product in favor of the user

Market competition can be tough, but never imposible. Today, the facilities that exist to help us get to our target audience are infinite. However, it’s not enough getting to the eyes of the prospects. It’s right there when niche optimization comes to save the day and get us all to the land of conversion Knowing […]

January 29, 2019 new

Prospect generation is the new marketing trend

The marketing department doesn’t have the same objective at all times. Depending on the brand it’s working on, objectives may vary. Even so, there are trends within marketing that we simply cannot ignore. Everyone wants to generate prospects According to a research conducted by Ascend2 about the opinions of various marketing influencers, the most popular […]


Squad, the newest trending app

To some, it seems like we’ve been using these same apps for decades: Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and Snapchat. This month, an app that could find its place among the giants was announced : Squad What is Squad? Simply, Squad is an app that allows us to make videocalls with up to six people at the […]



Influencers’ success on Instagram

Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks, that’s specially true for younger users. If we recall, at the very beginning of the app it was all about showing user creativity; a place dedicated to art in a much simpler way than other sites like DeviantArt. Now that it has become more popular, […]


Google redesigns page for manufacturers

Today, more than 5000 brands use Google Manufacturer Center, app that helps manufacturers create their own Google ads. Starting this year, Google decided to change some things about this app to improve interactions, showing inspiring content to users and creating better analytics. A new way of looking at products According to Google, 56% of smartphone […]


Multiscreening: driving TV and mobile closer together

Since the invention of television, we’ve used it to do other things around it. From house chores to sleeping, TV has allowed us to multitask from day zero Now Facebook has commissioned a research seeking to find out what users do at the same time they watch TV. Meanwhile, some other researches have revealed that […]


Facebook bets on Stories, despite slow growth shown

Facebook Stories In their constant search for improvement, Facebook keeps introducing new mechanics to help brands and people interact with their followers through the short format video tool. Nevertheless, it’s an undeniable fact that Facebook Stories are not having the success that was expected, regardless of their extensive efforts to compete with Instagram and Snapchat’s […]

January 15, 2019 Fresh

What’s simple and what’s complicated about user experience

Nowadays is very common to hear the term “user experience” but do we really know how to create a good one? A brand can have several channels to engage with clients like radio, TV, even digital channels such as blogs and social media. However, by having so many outlets you may overwhelm the client and […]

January 12, 2019 new

What goes through the users mind when they click an ad?

Ever since the moment of its conception, marketing and advertising have been constantly researching the way users relate to ads. The research is plenty and varies, but none of it has ever gone deep into digital marketing. Now, thanks to the advertising firm, Clutch, we have a better understanding about what goes on in the […]

January 10, 2019 new

Google innovates to improve ad experiences on digital TV

Google TV ad Experiences Little by little the gap between digital and classic channels is shortening thants to the needs of the content-hungry audience. Google, with the futuristic vision they are known for, is constantly changing the technological offers for users that want to advertise on TV. Google and the future of TV environment According […]


Gen Z, teen spirit on the age of IoT

Gen Z Today, many think about teenagers when talking about Millennials, however time has done what it does and Millennials are actually adults now, while the next generation of users, called Gen Z because we started this grouping from X and now we have to think what we are going to do for the next […]


Digital Marketing 2018: A Retrospective

We have a couple of weeks before 2018 ends, so now we stop for a moment to look back at one of the most shaky years for digital marketing. A year full of tops and turns on every little piece of this industry. Focus has changed From the beginning of the year until now, the […]

December 18, 2018 Fresh

Facebook presents group stories

In spite of everything, Facebook continues to have great power among all the people who use the Internet daily, being part of the social network or a group,  It doesn’t matter how many campaigns are thrown against Zuckerberg’s network, the stories, the feed, the groups and finally Facebook Messenger, the network continues to attract new […]


New PPC trends to watch out for on 2019

If we could describe changes on 2018 with a single word, that word would be: audience. The thing is, the tools we have seen changing, being born and reborn have been clearly focused to segmentation, connection and experiences for targeted audiences. From Google’s segmentation options, all the way through the Bing Ads/Linkedin alliance to the user’s […]

December 17, 2018 Fresh

Facebook testing live video shopping

Remember those sales channels from TV that were all the rage back in the 80s? Well now facebook is testing out a tool that looks a lot like that, meaning we will be able to see the seller trying out and describing products for users. How does it work? Like something out of a cheesy […]


Google to sanction pages with abusive ads

Google abusive ads policy This week Google announced that they have been working on improving further the capabilities of Chrome, to identify abusive ads. This could mean a big improvement on experience and engagement for internet users. No doubt a significant step for the use of the browser that has become one of the most […]


Top 3 Predictions for the 2019 Digital Marketing World

The year is coming to an end and there’s nowhere else to look but forward. The digital marketing landscape is evolving quicker than ever, leaving a lot of room for new and things to come our way in the new year. 2019 predictions Here are three major predictions of what could be seen in 2019 […]


4 social media tips to start 2019

Social media platforms are constantly changing, making it hard to keep up with all of the new trends and best practices to follow. As we count down the days until the year ends, we are here to help you get prepared for 2019 to keep your social strategy ahead of the curve. Ephemeral Video Content. […]


Instagram to redesign user’s profile

This year Instagram has been on constant trending growth. The social network has become so popular that it recently achieved the sixth place of popularity among worldwide users. This year we saw the birth of IGTV, a platform to compete directly with Snapchat and YouTube; the birth of Instagram Shopping, which wants to compete with […]

December 4, 2018 Fresh

YouTube to use a double Pre Roll ad

YouTube ad formats This month has given us a lot of material to remember the 80’s and 90’s, in which the boom of color TV brought many, many hours of audio visual publicity. It would seem like someone else is trying to go back to those times, as YouTube has decided to follow TV’s steps […]


Disney tries Google technology for Ads

Disney is a clear example of how to do marketing; it is a company that has maintained itself over the years and does not seem to have plans to resign its reign to anyone else. Not long ago, the multimillion-dollar company decided to remove some of its most popular content from the Netflix streaming platform, […]


Google adds new tools straight from social media

The internet has been in constant movement in preparation for the holidays. Although Google has been adding a few things here and there, they didn’t seem as big as the stuff social media is doing. Now, just one week before december comes along, Google has decided to roll a couple of very interesting tools: hashtags […]


Video Marketing, the trend that is here to stay

There’s no doubt that video has gained the title of content type of the year, as it has become the most attractive and successful type of content and with good reason. According to Wyzowl, 81% of people have seen increase in sales through video, and a 54% of increase in brand awareness. If you don’t […]

December 3, 2018 new

Facebook watch

Facebook Watch to Focus on a new audience

Over the last few years, social media sites have been diving head first into the video streaming trend, launching internal long-format video platforms to produce original and exclusive video content. Competing against platforms like Youtube, Netflix and others, platforms like Facebook Watch are having a hard time kicking things off the ground. In an attempt […]


Social Commerce: A Hit or Miss for the Holiday Season?

The weather is getting colder, the days are getting shorter, the end of the year is approaching and that can only mean one thing. Marketers around the world are getting ready to compete for our attention as us, consumers prepare to tackle our holiday shopping list. For an entire year, marketers have been gathering insights, […]

November 23, 2018 Fresh

Facebook rolls new option to unsend messages

Facebook messages It’s very well known that today text messages are much more popular than phone calls. They are quicker to send, they are usually answered faster and you get to choose when to respond and to think before sending. Even so, sometimes we get the wrong window or we simply answer something we didn’t […]

November 15, 2018 new

How long is a great video ad?

Video content has placed itself on the throne of the great engagement magnet of social media. Today, if you don’t use video on your page, you are done. However, do we even know what sort of videos we should publish? Thanks to the research conducted by Newswhip we can now know what kind of content […]


Facebook presents new advanced analytics

Facebook, like every other digital advertising platform, has been pushing for more and better updates. Now, the good news is that it has added very interesting options to their Analytics API targeting a very important question: after I am see, what happens next? Cat and Mouse One of the things that have been more popular […]


Instagram change API to focus on brands

On this day and age, we cannot ignore that social media is a great bridge that connects brands with users and vice versa. Just as users look at the options brands have to offer, brands can take a look at the consumers and their behavior. However, there’s a big problem with this, users don’t want […]

November 14, 2018 Fresh

Youtube ads arrive on TV

YouTube has finally decided to show ads on Smart TVs, which makes me remember. When I was little, I liked to visit the US, because everything was better. Better clothes, better toys, better streets, but what excited me the most about finally reaching the small hotel we usually stayed in McAllen, Texas, was turning the […]


Google adds new demographic targets

Even though Google is the grand leader of internet search engines, this does not mean the platform is without flaws. Many advertisers have been asking Google for more and better segmentation options for years to have a better control over the impacts of their ads, after all, a good segmentation can help us lower the […]


Facebook to penalize low quality ads

“10 reasons why Facebook will erase low quality ads, number 10 will shock you”… We have all read these kind of headlines or clicked on a link that takes us to a mosaic of other links, where we must click to see if maybe that will takes us the article titled “The 20 things you […]

November 5, 2018 new

The new Google Ads audience segmentation is here

As advertisers, we must always be updated with our metrics; stop measuring is a mistake, but also measuring data that will not add value to our execution, can result in a waste of time. The objective of each of our campaigns will indicate the KPIs to be measured; whether we seek to get awareness, conversions […]


Ad Fraud, the growing menace of the digital world

It’s well known that the internet is plagued with frauds, viruses, malware and so on; the user is not the only one affected by it, virtual traps are now affecting advertising and they are growing rapidly and uncontrollably. Just in 2017, ad fraud cost 6,500 million dollars, according to the Association of National Advertisers, while […]

November 2, 2018 new

Facebook presents: Messenger 4, the simplest one so far.

On october 23, via their blog, Facebook unveiled what would be the next update for their messaging app, named Messenger 4. This update brings a messaging platform more prepared for the new generation of smartphones and tablets, with a view that we dare call futuristic. Less is more In the past, Facebook used to add […]

November 1, 2018 new

Real Time Analysis drives businesses to A.I.

Real Time Analytics Picture this: you are in a beautiful soda fountain, enjoying a delicious milkshake with your closest friends; you are having the time of your life, suddenly, chatting, you end up talking about the best things to side the milkshake with. You get the need to look into your Facebook for a post […]


Google updates click-to-message

Google has made their position very clear: for the most popular search engine of our time, the best bet is on smartphones. Before, on pre-Google Maps times, if you ever needed a locksmith, a dentist, an attorney or a witch doctor, you had to go onto the streets or find it on the Yellow Pages. […]



Facebook steps ahead with its new Portal

Between breaches in security and other scandals, Facebook, one of the most popular social networks, after all, keeps making big efforts to maintain its status on the collective user psyque without losing trust, although it might be a little too late for that. A couple of days ago, after filtering the data of millions of […]

October 22, 2018 new

Is LinkedIn gaining engagement?

How can we forget the chatrooms which the internet used to enter our daily life? Giving us the opportunity to talk to people from anywhere in the world at any time under a pseudonym or with our name in order to connect, learn and exchange information. We used to run the risk of losing contact […]



The war between original shows has begun

Original series are the fresh products that platforms have to offer to the hundreds of thousands of users that seem to remain unimpressed by everything, not that we have lost the ability to be surprised or baffled, but there’s a stream of updates and just when we were barely understanding, suddenly the battle for the […]


Twitter removes Moments over lack of use

Before its birth, Moments was called “Project Lightning” and it’s growth was very slow when it came out on Twitter. The news tool consists on offering a group of relevant tweets about a trending topic. This was thought as part of the choice made by Twitter to become a news site and is one of […]


Instagram bets on QR codes with IG Tag

In 2012, every marketer and their dog bet on QR codes (meaning: Quick Response) which helps to, through our smartphone camera, dive quicklier into any web page. Unfortunately, the popularity of QR codes died quickly until it only remained active in China and Japan, where users can log into Free Wi-Fi, buy clothes, reserve tickets, […]


Facebook won’t stop, more updates on e-commerce

And we are back with our regular scheduled programming, in which Facebook keeps changing to make sure it stays on top of the charts, security leaks and all. Basically, Facebook is taking advantage this season to polish their brand oriented tools before Christmas. Betting on e-commerce Facebook seems to be on the lookout for ways […]


YouTube adds new extensions for marketers

Everything can make money. If the audience has its eye on it, marketing has to put an ad there and, while many internet users complain of being devoid of a free-ad place, they also claim to be willing to give out their information to improve publicity in exchange of benefits like premium accesses or content […]

October 8, 2018 Fresh

Snapchat adds new eCommerce options

There is an eternal struggle between the most powerful social networks to see which is the one that gets the audience better and offers more novelties and commodities for users. Between communication strategies, branding and rebranding, filters, buttons and share options, Snapchat has tried to get back on its feet after the well-known and very […]


ad learning

Facebook and Google Ads algorithmic learning

Running marketing campaigns to the target audience in Google or Facebook, is the duty of every marketing agency. Things have changed a lot since the times when marketers had to create massive campaigns that would be delivered to every audience equally. Today consumers are curious, demanding and expect immediate results, most notably on mobile browsing […]


The GIF keeps growing, now in Instagram

What you feel, say it with a GIF. One the biggest trends in private messaging of the last couple of years has been to sent moving images ala Harry Potter directly to your friends (or on Facebook comments) to try and put a little color on text messaging. The need for GIFs came to be […]


Silence is gold, according to users

A little while ago, an ad for The Nun was doing its rounds on YouTube, when suddenly it was taken down from the platform on request by the users. The ad consisted in a black screen that would show the volume control like it was taking over your computer to get your attention, then when […]


FB stories, now with ads

With video content on the rise, Facebook announced that ads on Stories would become the norm for many users. Now it has come to reality along with Messenger Stories, which could seem like they are the same thing, however from a marketing point of view it’s important that we mark a difference between them. If […]


Video tagging, the new Instagram tool

Instagram is in the highest point of success right now; people keep opening more and more accounts on the photo site, they open it more, they spend more time watching videos and discovering posts; even the Lite version is downloaded more and more on the smartphones that don’t have enough memory. In short, Instagram is […]

September 24, 2018 Fresh

Is Facebook losing engagement?

In spite of having the recognition of many of being the most powerful network of our time, since last year Facebook has had a bad streak that they just can’t seem to shake off no matter how many updates, press releases, and promises they make to their billion-people fan base, after many chose to eliminate […]


What’s 5G and how will we use it?

The evolution of communication technologies has gone as fast as our needs, and sometimes even faster; we were only scratching the surface with 4G on our smartphones when suddenly the arrival of 5G was announced. No one complains of the speed with which we browse thanks to 4G, however many users never quite grasped the […]


Facebook’s new and constant changes

We are back to the topic of the year: the american election scandal and mishandling of personal data has led Facebook to make constant changes to its platform. These last weeks have seen many changes focused on these two topics, among other things. Christmas in September With christmas festivities in around 98 days, Facebook went […]


Ad Blocking, the new norm in UK

Ad Blocks, programs and apps used to stop ads from appearing on the internet, have been a problem for digital marketing since its birth and now it looks like it’s growing to become the normal for the general public without any intention of slowing down. This time the UK is the one that reveals big […]


Nike & Colin Kaepernick, did it work out?

We’ve seen it everywhere, some agree and get behind with the brand, others buy and burn sneakers, to achieve what exactly?, no one knows. The facts are these: some weeks ago Nike made Colin Kaepernic the brand new face of their marketing campaign. The ex-NFL player is famous for kneeling down during the national anthem […]


Social media loses consumer trust

The year was 1999, The Matrix had left us perplexed, The Blair Witch Project had given us nightmares, we kept singing Baby One More Time and we wondered “what in heaven’s name is Hi-5 for?” Back in those days, social media was only seeing the light of day, soon Hi-5 would be replaced by MySpace […]

September 10, 2018 Fresh

facebook watch

Facebook Watch is finally here

It’s not like we were holding our breaths for it, but for months the “watch” tab has appeared and disappeared without warning, like it was trying too hard to create expectation and make us all talk about it. Well, mission accomplished and the news of Facebook Watch going worldwide called, even if for a couple […]



Snapchat introduces “Bounce”

And so the comparing begins. Barely a couple days ago the news broke out that Snapchat is adding a new feature for their users: bounce. Bounce? Yes, Boome…Bounce! An all new add-on that lets users create an infinite loop and post it like a regular snap, apart of the other features we know and love. […]



Instagram gets more locks

For the last couple of months, social networks have been updating on their data safety issues and services in pro of their millions of users, and Instagram, being one of the top 10 downloaded apps worldwide, couldn’t possibly stay behind. Recently the word began to spread about different scams in social media, be it stolen […]


Engagement leads the way

Twitter refuses to die. For months and maybe even for years, experts on digital marketing foresee the end of the microblogging web. Today, even after many attempts to keep up with the times, user perception is that Twitter is the platform for “oldies”, to this, Twitter answers by testing some new changes and fight discomfort […]


The tweet is mightier than the sword

Every person on this job knows the great impact and reach social media can achieve to that add the rapid grow of influencer marketing and we now have the kind of reach that can move masses or “followers”, but do we really understand this power? Throughout the history of the social media trend we have […]


Storytelling: using the user’s story to engage

Storytelling Close your eyes, right now, remember the last thing ad you saw in a movie theater. What made you remember it? There’s a 20 in my pocket that says it was the story. Maybe you remember the brand, maybe even the product, but I am certain beyond doubt that what you remember the most […]

August 30, 2018 Fresh

User Generated Content

As digital formats have facilitated the ways in which we reach people, it’s easy to forget that our efforts aren’t one-sided and that there’s someone on the other side of the screen. We talk, and talk, and talk, but how much are we really listening? How much are we engaging? If there’s one thing that […]


Recommendation, the new bet of social media

Recently, Instagram has implemented a new way to discover posts, focusing on accounts similar to the ones already followed by its users. Like that, Pinterest implemented a new algorithm in the “share” tool that allows for better segmentation on recommended pins. Although the explanation given by Pinterest is quite technical, in reality the platform has […]

August 28, 2018 Fresh

Video rises like foam

In times of immediacy, the formats that can offer us a bigger quantity of information in the least time possible are the most appreciated between internet users. Since birth, video format has been one of the preferred ways of consuming information, in comparison to other formats like text or image which, ironically when they try […]


Facebook after transparency in social media

Last may, Facebook began to implement on fan pages a tab named “info and ads” which exposes to any user the ad campaigns active at the moment by each company. This update marks the skew Facebook is taking towards transparency in publicity for the audience after the enormous controversy lived last year on user personal […]


redes sociales

Machine learning: deciphering social media

Your alarm wakes up, ¿is it a clock or a cellphone? usually it’s a cellphone, you open your eyes, unblock, turn off the alarm, we are in, check messages, notifications, social media, then we wake up. Checking our cellphones and going online to social media has become part of daily morning ritual of a big […]



What makes content shareable?

Social networks offer us information that is free, fresh and continuous 24 hours a day 7 days a week; each time we decide to get online to our favorite social network, we find new or relevant content catered to our specific interests and timezone. We will always find something that’ll make us stop (even for […]


Netflix experiments with ads

Netflix has been the greatest champion of the TV without ads era. However, back in August 7 reports started to appear on Reddit of people who have suffered from video ads after an episode of the series the were binge watching. As reported, these ads cannot be skipped, keeping you from watching the next episode […]


NASA: first astronaut crew for commercial space flight

NASA assigned on August 3, through their online accounts, the astronaut crew part of the first commercial missions onboard  Boeing’s Starlinger and SpaceX’s Crew Dragon. This will bring a new era on human space flight. The first test for the Starlinger, programmed for mid-2019, will include Eric Boe, Chris Ferguson and Nicole Aunapu Mann on […]

August 13, 2018 Fresh

Mission: Imposible bets on mobile gaming

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, one of the most popular online games of these days, partnered with the Mission Impossible franchise on its mobile version. The survival game showcased new missions and challenges that connect directly with the movie Mission Impossible: Fallout on its next big update. The update will also include a campaign mode that will last […]


Reddit´s engagement closes in on twitter

Reddit was not known for being a great platform for ad engagement. However, last year the social forum announced a redesign to create a better experiences for its users. Because of it, the platform now has 330 million active users every month. Just on par with Twitter. The perks of redesign According to CEO and […]



Youtube keeps up with the trends

Instagram stories, Facebook stories, IGTV, Snapchat… we used to hate vertical format. If any video purist on social media saw a video recorded in a format tha wasn’t horizontal, they would ask the hardest form of punishments for the sinner, but that was years ago before Generation Z got into social media and made new […]



Facebook wants to eliminate the “share” button

Even after all the scandals starred by the most powerful social network of our time, people keep going to Facebook to catch up on our daily news from our friends and the world, we still have freedom to take anywone’s content and share it or post it in our timeline so that our followers can […]



Snapchat fanbase drops

For the first time since it’s conception in 2014, the “little ghost” social media user base has started to decline fast in comparison to their numbers from last year. Two years ago on it’s prime, Snapchat registered a total of 22 million active users per month. Success not only came by sharing moments or “snaps”, […]